Philanthropic Projects include:


Freedom to Choose Foundation up-levels women at the Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla, California. Inmates garner communication skills, teaching them to re-frame issues as blessings, compassion, self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others, thus freeing them from "self-imprisonment." The result is a more peaceful way of being for them and those around them.


 I AM Dreams With Wings  6 week workshop teaches critical Life Skills, Self Empowerment, Goal Setting, Visioning, Job interview skills to At-Risk Teens.


Shellist Music Scholarship funds tuition for students with music as their vocation to Mesa College in San Diego. 


Runway RunAway Fashion Design Scholarship funds tuition for students whose career choice is in the fashion industry.


 In her Signature speeches Lorelei speaks compassionately on Women's Empowerment issues. Shellist illustrates how the power of  self-love  effects inner beauty and inner strength in our very own hearts and is reflected by how women represent themselves in the  world. Lorelei  encourages women to realize that their own brilliance & strength of heart, are their badges of survival, gifts to their souls and the return to  themselves.